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Once upon a time. #2001

Puddles O’ Fun!

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Just some stuff.

This was my reading for today. Im very curious to know why I always relate to these things. I’ve done so much reading up on astrology. It’s very fascinating. and I question its existence often. One time at work this random guy walked in, he wanted to leave his handmade pouches for sale. As he was leaving he asked me if I knew this book.(out of no where just asked if I knew the book) I dont remember the name of it. but it was an astrology book. and it could do readings of compatibility with the people you new by their birthdays and anniverseries. So he got my number and he texted me all these pages. It was crazy. and so fucking random.

The idea that you’re right about all of this competes with the feeling that you could easily be wrong. When your own sense of authority fails you, the need to seek guidance outside of yourself can lead you into situations that take you too far away from your core to know what is true for you. Lately, everyone has something to say about what you get to do and who you get to be. Reclaiming your sense of sovereignty will be a big part of the deal for the next few months. Don’t take any wooden nickels and whatever you do, respect your right to do things your way.


You ever just realize how lucky you are that you did that weird thing that led to you being friends with the people you are friends with?

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poke smot

you know you’re a stoner chick when the sole purpose of your bobby pin is to be used as a poker at some point in the day. Hey ohh let’s go smoke that dank.

ka-chow. poke smot.